5 actionable steps to get your voice heard today!

Be happy walking into your next meeting.

  • Have you gone silent in meetings ? 
  • Do you want to bring your ideas to the table and be heard?
  • Are you tired of being cut off and talked over?
  • Do you want the men in the room to listen to you?
Beatrice Crocker talking at a conference

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This guide helps women who want to be heard more in meetings. By taking quick and simple actions you can start to get your voice heard today.  

It is safe and straight forward advice that you can action now. This guide is for you if you are women working in a male dominated profession or workplace and can not get your voice heard in meetings. 

More about me - Beatrice Crocker (pictured)

After working in IT for 19 years and in management roles since I was 24 (I’m now 40!), I have been talked over, ignored and cut off. Every time this happened it made me feel like I didn’t belong, that my ideas were not important and that my contribution wasn’t valued. I became frustrated, angry, disappointed and grew silent in meetings. So I decided to take action and tested out lots of different ways of being heard.  

This guide contains all of my favourite, effective and quickest list of actions to take.

Your voice is valuable and you deserve to be heard today!

Sending you lots of love, positivity and good vibes,


Author, I'm Ready Now!

(Photo Credit : Fi Mimms Photography)