Do you want to stand in your power and get ahead of the pack?

Do you work in a male dominated profession or industry?

Do you want to set a career goal?  

Do you want to get it done in 4 weeks?  

Join this free 1 hour workshop to tap into your power now!

Tap into Your Power

100% Belief In You

No questioning, no bargaining, no concerns, just 100% belief that what you want is the right thing for you

EPIC Support

From me to you, lots of encouragement, positivity and support to help you create that inspiring goal and plan to get it done

Rock Solid Plan

Set 1 Goal and 1 action per week to achieve something great in 4 Weeks

Share the Journey

Share stories with likeminded women and be part of something bigger

This workshop is for you if...

  • You want to create a plan and get it done in 4 weeks
  • You want epic support from an expert in goal setting and taking action
  • You want to share the journey with a group of women who are just like you
  • You are interested in finding out more about career coaching and want to work with a coach who has a similiar background to you

Goal Setting Workshop

Join this 1 hour workshop to:

  • set goals you want to achieve in 4 weeks
  • set weekly actions
  • get epic support 
  • get a rock solid plan you know you can get done
  • get 100% belief that what you want is the right thing for you
  • no questioning, no bargaining, no concerns, just 100% belief that what you want is the right thing for you
  • get daily and weekly prompts to help you stand in your power

What: Goal Setting Workshop

When: Saturday May 19th 2018, 11am-12pm

Where: St Martin's Cafe, 116 Martin St Brighton Victoria, Australia

Why: Because you want to tap into your power and get ahead of the pack

Who : Beatrice Crocker (pictured) will be there to guide and support you all the way. 

Beatrice is an Exclusive Career Coach who works with women to stand in their power and lead their pack

Who is this for? Women who work in male dominated fields (or job levels) who want to achieve more in their careers, create a plan and share their jouney with likeminded women.

Group Size: It will be a small group of 5 women plus my Premier Wellness Coach Lorraine Gaffney and myself, so no more than 7. 

Cost: the goal setting session is free and coffee/breakfast is available at the cafe self-funded by you

Who am I?

Hi my name is Beatrice Crocker. I am founder and lead coach of I’m Ready Now! Coaching. I work with women who want to create a plan to get promoted and start getting big results in their career.

I came up with the idea for this business when writing my book, "I'm Ready Now - A Guide To Getting A Promotion". I wanted to actively help women progress and I wanted to be able to do this in many different ways. 

I am inspired by: helping women progress. The results, the joy, the happiness, the messy middle and again the results. That women can progress and do it happily. Just being available to women to support them and hear their stories and help them be inspired is amazing!! 

I help my clients to transform their careers. You may think I just support and encourage. What you might not know is that I use tried and tested frameworks to deliver results for clients and this is a very exclusive approach. If you get into the heart of what I really do and why, you’ll find a burning desire to change the way we do things to be singularly focused on getting what we want most.