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How would you like to get a promotion in the next 3 months?  

This guide will help you to:

  • Clarify what direction to take
  • Identify ways to get noticed by your boss's boss
  • Work out the steps to stand out more in your next performance review
  • Create the right connections so that you can grab the best opportunities before anyone else 

Use this detailed guide to start taking action today.

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"I’m Ready Now - A Guide to Getting a Promotion" was like sitting one to one with a highly organised, high level business coach who had enough courage, wisdom and experience to tell me exactly how to go about getting a promotion in the corporate world. FIVE STARS", Annette Phillips, Creative Director at Take Two, Canberra.

"Beatrice’s genuine, open and honest advice is an eye opener, with excellent practical tools and examples I was able to create my future role profile within an hour!", Anita Siassios, Business Partner-Operational Excellence ANZ Bank | CCXP |CXPA Melb Networking Lead & International Advisory Comm member, Melbourne.

Hi! I’m Beatrice Crocker, Career Coach and Author of “I’m Ready Now! - A Guide for Getting a Promotion”. 

I’m so excited for you to start taking action to get your next promotion because I know YOU DESERVE IT! You are worth so much more and I know you've earnt that promotion 10 times over!

I work with women who work in traditionally male dominated fields who want to find more purpose, meaning, leadership and growth in their career while embracing their feminine side more. I am a coach that is passionate about helping women to be seen living their true purpose and who want to radiantly embrace their life, find more meaining, purpose and growth in their career. 

It is my life purpose to help women progress and you can find out more about me here.  

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Beatrice Crocker

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