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"Three months later I have set and achieved some big audacious scary goals, navigated my way away from a boss that made my working life hell and added another 100k to my salary.” 

"Beatrice spoke my language and got me excited that I could align passion and purpose and climb to whatever dizzying heights I desired. Three months later and I have set and achieved some big audacious scary goals, navigated my way away from a boss that made my working life hell, added another 100k to my salary and showed me the way to achieve any future goal." Jude Donovan, Engineering Manager, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.

Jude Donovan
Lorraine Gaffney

“Beatrice has a wonderful ability to listen with understanding, empathy and without judgement while also being incredibly professional and able to provide valuable feedback & insights. This has all led to me having the courage to start my own business. So I can safely say my coaching series with Beatrice has been truly life-changing.” Lorraine Gaffney, Clinical Nutritionist & Wellness Coach, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.

“I was at a crossroads at my career and Beatrice brought a wonderful, positive energy in helping me figure out what my strengths were and how to harness them in taking the next step.” Pratheepa Kandaswamy, Commercial and Project Management Consultant, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. 

Pratheepa K
Yes! I want to book in a free 30 minute consult today!

Hi! I’m Beatrice Crocker, Lead Coach and Author of “I’m Ready Now! - A Guide for Getting a Promotion”.  

I’m so excited for you to start taking action to get your next promotion, job or business started! You are worth so much more! Let's work together to help you create a meaningful life and career.  

I work with women who work in traditionally male dominated fields such as IT, Engineering or Science, who want to find more purpose, meaning, leadership and growth in their career while embracing their feminine side more. I am a coach that is passionate about helping women to be seen living their true purpose and who want to radiantly embrace their life, find more meaining, purpose and growth in their career.  

It is my life purpose to help women progress. Click the link below to book your complimentry consult to start getting results.

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"I want to take the next step!"

Beatrice Crocker

Following the complimentary consult, if you'd like to work together you can book in for a coaching package. The following information provides details on this package. Don't worry the consult is 100% complimentary and there is no obligation to purchase a package. 

What does the package include?

Epic support from me via 6 * 1 hour Coaching Sessions which are held fortnightly via Zoom, Monday-Thursday in the evenings to fit in with your work schedule.

Daily support via email

Expert advice and feedback on your actions (this might be feedback on your resume, interview preperation, notes, your personal brand framework) so that you can progress quickly and confidently.

Exclusive support - I only work with a few clients at a time to ensure you get the most supportive, meaningful and valuable experience possible.

How much does it cost?

$1,170 AUD for a series or $195 per hour (paid 2 sessions at a time). Payment is via PAYPAL.

When are sessions held?

During the evening AEST or during the day on a Saturday. I only see one client per day so you will have my complete attention.