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My career coaching series can help you do just that. I will provide you with the exclusive support you need to get your confidence back.

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Beatrice Crocker
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"On the outside I probably looked fairly successful in my I.T. Career and was ticking all the boxes but I just knew something was missing.  

Late one night I came across a post in Michelle Redfern’s women who get it (wwgi) from a woman that radiated kindness and success and was willing to share the magical ingredients. I booked in an introductory session and Beatrice spoke my language and got me excited that I could align passion and purpose and climb to whatever dizzying heights I desired.  

Three months later and I have set and achieved some big audacious scary goals, navigated my way away from a boss that made my working life hell, added another 100k to my salary and showed me the way to achieve any future goal. But above and beyond that Beatrice is just so easy to chat with, she gets it and has walked the paths and knows the corporate terrain. Seriously do yourself a favour and get in touch, you’ve got nothing to lose and everything to gain." Jude Donovan, Engineering Manager, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.

Jude Donovan
Lorraine Gaffney

“I sought coaching with Beatrice at a time when I was at a huge crossroads in my career. I was fearful, confused and overthinking everything…this left me stuck and unable to move forward. Beatrice allowed me to see my situation from a different, much more positive perspective. Her coaching empowered me to gain the clarity and focus I required to move forward with my career goals and stop holding myself back. Through seeing Beatrice I have learned so much about myself and developed skills & daily practices that enable me to maintain this new-found perspective and clarity. Beatrice has a wonderful ability to listen with understanding, empathy and without judgement while also being incredibly professional and able to provide valuable feedback & insights. She is a leader in her field and this was evident throughout my coaching series. I always felt so supported and understood by Beatrice which meant a lot to me. This has all led to me having the courage to start my own I can safely say my coaching series with Beatrice has been truly life-changing.”

Lorraine Gaffney, Clinical Nutritionist & Wellness Coach, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.

"The biggest change is that I know what I am aiming for, and I have the confidence to try, even if that also runs the risk of failure. Without risk there is no reward! I have asked my manager for a promotion - it's still a work in progress, but I wouldn't have had the courage to ask, or the confidence to represent myself well, this time last year.” Katherine Beringer, Test Analyst, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.

“I was at a crossroads at my career and Beatrice brought a wonderful, positive energy in helping me figure out what my strengths were and how to harness them in taking the next step. It wasn’t always a linear journey and Beatrice was so flexible in shifting her approach in guiding me. I always finished our sessions with a renewed sense of optimism and a clear vision for my next step and long goals. Thank you for all your help Beatrice!” 

Pratheepa Kandaswamy, Commercial and Project Management Consultant, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. 

Pratheepa K

"Beatrice's coaching approach matched my needs. When the next step in your career is senior management, it is well worth investing in yourself to put in place the plan, building blocks and strategic approach to making this transition. I think, as women, we question our abilities to identify and move up into exec roles. Working with Beatrice to put in place a clear framework and goals, as well as develop a personal brand approach, has given me more confidence to identify the next step and go for it. My colleagues have definitely noticed. They have all mentioned that I am more confident, articulate and centred." Corrina Langelaan, Head of Communications, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.

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Coaching Package Information

Beatrice Crocker

What does the package include?

Epic support from me via 6 * 1 hour Coaching Sessions which can be held fortnightly via Zoom or Skype, Monday-Thursday in the evenings to fit in with your work schedule.

Daily support via email

Expert advice and feedback on your actions (this might be feedback on your resume, interview preperation, notes, your personal brand framework) so that you can progress quickly and confidently.

Resources to support you include:

  • 1 * pdf copy of my book "I'm Ready Now! - A Guide To Getting A Promotion"
  • 1 * pdf copy of "My Promotion Plan"
  • A 'Be More Positive' Guide to incorporate gratitude and daily rituals into your life for more meaning, space and learning
  • A 'Be Heard' Guide to help you be heard in every meeting you attend
  • Goal Setting Workbook

Exclusive support - I only work with a few clients at a time to ensure you get the most supportive, meaningful and valuable experience possible.

How much does it cost?

$1,170 AUD for a series or $195 per hour (paid 2 sessions at a time). Payment is via PAYPAL.

When are sessions held?

During the evening Monday - Thursday AEST. I only see one client per day so you will have my complete attention. 

Beatrice Crocker talking at a conference

More about me - Beatrice Crocker (pictured)

I’m Beatrice Crocker— Lead coach for I’m Ready Now! Coaching and the author of “I’m Ready Now! - A Guide for Getting a Promotion”. I’m all about helping you to get your confidence back.

Because I get it. 

I've worked in IT for 20 years with the majority of my experience in leadership and strategic roles. At 28 I was leading a 40 person internationally located team and my career was surging ahead but by my mid-30's my career had platued. I was in “career wilderness” confused about what career and role would best suit me. After climbing the corprate ladder in my 20's, travelling to India to set up teams, working in IT from when I was 21 and being in management roles from 24 - I was burnt out, frazzled, frustrated and lost. I didn't know what my next step should be and I didn't know how to get it. What advice I did get was fragmented and not actionable.  

So I went to work, focusing my skills and fully embracing my talents, values, wants and needs. I developed new leadership skills in building better relationships, working with the 'politics' (instead of working around it) and being more strategic. I also worked out what was meaningful to me and set about creating a life and career that aligned fully to my values. I want to wake up everyday excited to go to work, feeling purposeful and passionate about what I do and I want that for you too. 

I was determined to stand in my power, get ahead and live a more meaningful life. And the results blew me away!  

These results included: 

  • an out of cycle 20% pay increase
  • a promotion into a role that I wanted and enjoy
  • more meaningful and strategic projects to lead
  • building a business while working full-time (which I love doing!)
  • writing a book with the full support of my client and employer
  • changing careers and then 6 years later changing back to a technical career without having to take a step back
  • more spontanous recognition from my peers and manager
  • better feedback on my work
  • getting better support and funding for my team and innovative projects
  • easily getting support for my own training
  • building a bigger network in my industry 
  • greater meaning and satisfaction everyday I am at work
  • sleeping and breathing easier
  • being SO MUCH MORE happier every day!

Now I help others do the same by sharing the secrets to turn dream into reality to make you SO MUCH MORE confident so that you can go after exactly what you want, and get it!  

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