Do you want a promotion in 3 months?

My Promotion Plan

"My Promotion Plan" will guide you through how to successfully work with your company's senior managers to get the support you need to get ahead.

It is short guide to help you focus on the key steps to take to get a promotion. 

Using these simple steps you will be able to:  

  • quickly diagnose the best pathways to promotion
  • create strategies to remove blockers 
  • create a plan 
  • get active support from the people that matter

Ready to get that promotion? 

Beatrice Crocker

Who am I? 

Hi, I’m Beatrice Crocker— founder and lead coach for I’m Ready Now! Coaching and the author of “I’m Ready Now! - A Guide for Getting a Promotion”.  

I’m all about helping women who work in male dominant industries to stand in their power and get ahead of the pack. Because I get it. I was there in my mid-30s… in a “career wilderness” where everything just stopped and it seemed as though everyone was waiting for me to go off and have a baby. What advice I did get was fragmented and not actionable.  

So I went to work, focusing my skills and fully embracing the “political” side of things. Initially I was hesitant, but I was determined to stand in my power and get ahead of the pack. And the results blew me away!  

Now I help other women do the same by sharing the secrets to turn dream into reality and make you a powerful player wherever you work so that you get exactly what you want.  

Click the link below to download the guide to start leading your pack today!

Beatrice Crocker Copyright 2018  

Photo Credit: Zahrina Roberston